Catalysis: A Key to Sustainability   
  12th - 14th September 2022 Izmir, Türkiye  

Three-day symposium.

Monday 12th September - Wednesday 14th September 2022, at the Izmir Institute of Technology , Türkiye.

Lectures, posters and panel discussions.

Sharing how chemistry and materials science can drive sustainable processes and the energy transition.

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Abstracts for all lectures and posters will be published in a Book of Abstracts, open-access online.

Registration is free of charge.

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Mankind in the 21st century faces a formidable environmental and societal challenge: providing eight billion people with clean water, clean air, and sustainable food and energy, while minimizing our impact on the climate and on our planet.

To do this, we must transform our energy, water, food and materials sectors. We must use renewable resources and design circular, waste-free processes. This is doable, but difficult. It requires viable new sustainable technologies, as well as the willingness of governments, companies, and people, to adopt and apply them. 

Catalysis plays a key role here. Catalytic processes can enable the transition to a hydrogen economy, to carbon-neutral products and processes, and to improved waste recycling and waste minimization. In many ways, catalysis is the key to sustainability.

This conference has two main goals: first, it will enable young and experienced scientists engaged in research in catalysis and sustainable chemistry to exchange ideas and learn new methods. Second, after over two years of pandemic-induced isolation, it will foster face-to-face discussions and debates, encouraging the participants to collaborate towards new solutions.

With free registration and attendance, and a mix of plenary lectures, focused research presentations, and open discussion sessions, we are positive that this three-day symposium will bring much value to all its participants.

- Prof. Dr. Gadi Rothenberg & Prof. Dr. Selahattin Yılmaz

Co-Chairs of the organizing committee