Catalysis: A Key to Sustainability   
 Wednesday 13th September 2023 

Dr. Barbara Milani

Barbara Milani is Associate Professor of General and Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Trieste. Since October 2022 she is Rector Delegate for International Relationships and Mobility @ UniTS. She received her PhD degree at University of Trieste in 1994. After a post-doctoral period, she became assistant professor in 1998 and in 2014 she was promoted associate professor. In 2017 she got the National Abilitation to Full Professor. She was visiting professor at Institut National Polytechnique in Toulouse in 2010 and at Universitè Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris in 2014. She was member of the Advisory Board of European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry. Currently she is member of the Advisory Board of Dalton Transactions and of the International Advisory Board of the International Symposium on Homogeneous Catalysis. She was the coordinator of the PhD School Doctorate in Chemistry (joint PhD School between University of Trieste and Ca’ Foscari University Venice).

Her main research interests focus on organometallic chemistry and on the development of homogeneous catalysts, based on late transition metals, for polymerization reactions.