Catalysis: A Key to Sustainability   
 Wednesday 13th September 2023 

Dr. Marta Catellani

Marta Catellani was educated at the University of Parma where she received her doctor degree (Italian Laurea) in Chemistry in 1971 under the guidance of Prof. G. Casnati. In 1976, she joined Prof. G. P. Chiusoli's group and started researching catalytic processes. She spent one year (1977-1978) as post-doc in Prof. Jack Halpern group at the University of Chicago, some months in Sheffield (Prof. B. Mann, 1985), in Tsukuba (Prof. Masato Tanaka, 1990) and as visiting professor at the Moscow State University (Prof. I. Beletskaya, 1992), at the Beijing Institute of Technology (Prof. Z.-M. Zhou, 2004) and at the University of Xian (Prof. Z.-W. An, 2004). She was promoted Full Professor in 2000. In 2011 she was elected Corresponding Member of the Italian Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei and in 2016 Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences. 

She has recently received the Herbert C. Brown Award for Creative research in Synthetic Methods. Her research interests have always focused on catalytic processes involving organopalladium species.